Dianne Poore

Having a heart for spiritual freedom and inner healing for others, Dianne began her ministry journey in 2003. She was mentored and trained by a licensed LMFT, LPC who is the Director of a Christian outpatient clinic in Phoenix, AZ. After Dianne facilitated several support groups and a home church group, she began helping others with biblically-based individual coaching, which soon became her passion. She began training others to be biblical coaches and has written spiritual support curricula and manuals for churches.

Seeing the need for help worldwide, she branched out through social media and began doing online biblical coaching to those outside the US. She operates strongly in her gifts as a leader, discerner, and prophetic seeing (like Samuel) and enjoys teaching and discipling others to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Dianne founded Arcstar Ministries in 2018 and is an Ordained Minister. She has helped many people all over the world with coaching, deliverance, and biblical teachings. She started an online church called The Horizon Line where she and her Associate Minister, Jessie Marie, hold a beautiful worship space, engage in healing discussion, and bring biblical teachings to always learn more about Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Dianne is open about sharing her own testimony and the redeeming blood of Jesus.

She has been a Presidential Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors since 2015 where she receives on-going training. Equipping leaders and those wanting to go into ministry, and encouraging people in their own unique journeys is her strength. Dianne has also come alongside many other ministries over the years to lend an extra pair of helping hands. Besides the excellent training she received through these experiences, she also has had the honor and blessing of meeting, training, and ministering to many people.

Dianne is married to her high school sweetheart, David, who is also a strong supporter, encourager and advocate for healing. They have two grown daughters and want to pursue many new adventures while exploring & camping in the big state of Texas. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, researching & writing teachings, playing with her dogs, gardening and hydroponics.

Jessie Marie

Jessie joins Arcstar Ministries as an Associate Minister and a teacher at The Horizon Line Online Church. She is a native from California and currently resides in Santa Cruz.

Jessie brings her love for people and desire to bring freedom to those who have lived in bondage in various diverse ways in her active life.  In her early adulthood, Jessie Marie worked suicide crisis lines and volunteered with various support groups, as well as with youth recovering from abusive backgrounds. Jessie  has worked extensively as a community organizer stemming from those early experiences, though in her later years, focused on creating access and experiences with the arts & music communities and marginalized communities  throughout the greater Bay Area. Through her love of expressive art and music and its healing potential, she started doing live performance art in the San Francisco and Berkeley music scene around 2007 and has collaborated and fostered creativity publicly ever since.  Be it through creating brave safe spaces that encourage creativity and healing through all forms of expressions, or through her own creative endeavors in partnership with many musicians, poets, and artists, Jessie Marie has continuously poured into community as an essential part of her life balance. 

Additionally, to a love of learning and having a heart for Jesus to share with others, she has walked a journey of deep learning ( and of course with that healing) over the past five years, developing a diverse skill set of ministry tools and techniques. She is profoundly drawn to ministering to the broken-hearted and those who have suffered abusive backgrounds, as her life experience and ministry experience have fostered this depth perhaps the most. Due to extensive study, Jessie Marie is extremely passionate about awakening Christians to a deeper understanding of Biblical Theology through a biblical worldview, walking people through discipleship, inner healing and deliverance. Jessie wants to help people align with God’s character and nature, helping fellow believers bring that into creation.  Also, through years of support in community and different ministries, she has cared for people in their emotional, mental and spiritual health and life journeys. Her desire is to mature fellow believers through the tools that she’s been given, while continuing to grow herself along the way. Without the teachers and love that poured into her, she knows coming into who she is currently would’ve been much harder; It is her greatest desire to build bridges into the possibilities of our greatest potential with God in the same ways her teachers did with her, for others. Enriching the community as a whole, and as individuals,  to reach our fullest potential as the body of Christ, has high priority and value to Jessie Marie, bringing her great joy and fulfillment.

Following the obedience of the Lord, Jessie has volunteered in several ministry settings and was discipled and trained by Ali Norrbom, and Dianne Poore, personally. As well as completing a few ministry schools in smaller churches, she has received her Biblical Studies and Biblical History certification through AWKNG School of Theology under Dr. Michael S. Heiser. She continues to further her education by pursuing a Biblical Doctrine certification at The AWKNG School of Theology.