Dianne Poore

Having a heart for spiritual freedom and inner healing for others, Dianne began her ministry journey in 2003. She was mentored and trained by a trusted leader in the field: a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & Licensed Professional Counselor (LMFT & LPC) who is the Director of a Christian outpatient clinic in Phoenix, AZ. After Dianne facilitated several support groups and a home church group, she began biblically-based individual counseling, which soon became her passion. She began training others to be biblical counselors and has written spiritual support curricula and manuals for churches. Focusing on the unmet needs of victims of all levels of trauma, sexual abuse and seeing the need for strong marriages, she co-led a new outreach ministry through her local church that helped bridge the gap in the counseling needs of the church and community at large. As counseling requests began to come in, she was sought out by occult members and victims to get free from the shackles that held them captive. It was through this experience that Dianne began strongly using her deliverance skills developed and honed from years of training from Jesus Christ and extrapolating from her own personal deliverance experiences. Seeing the need for this type of help worldwide, she branched out through social media and began doing online counseling to those outside the US, particularly to those who had suffered satanic ritual abuse (SRA) or had dissociative identity disorder (DID). She operates strongly in her gifts as a discerner and seer and has been legislating in the Courts of Heaven for many years and enjoys teaching these principles to others. Dianne is genuine and transparent about her own past abuse and has helped many people all over the world and shares her own testimony and the redeeming blood of Jesus. She has been a Presidential Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors since 2015 where she receives on-going training. Equipping others and encouraging people in their own unique circumstances is her strength and nothing is too small or too “out there” to help with. Dianne has also come alongside other ministries to lend an extra pair of helping hands. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, researching, playing with her dogs and watching superhero movies. Dianne is married to her high school sweetheart who is also a strong supporter, encourager and advocate for healing. They have two grown daughters and want to pursue many new adventures while exploring the big state of Texas.