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Awareness Movement Podcast: Heavenly Realms Experiences

Have you ever done an ascension into the Heavenly realms? It is possible and God invites us to enter His Kingdom through the Revelation 4:1 door. Join me and my guest, Roger, my oldest brother, as we discuss what our first experiences were when we were called into Heaven to do something important and bring information down to Earth from the Kingdom of Heaven! We also reveal a surprise realm at the end and have done another podcast to tell you more about that.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (Arcstar Ministries) so you don’t miss out on any new supernatural testimonials! Personally, I have always loved hearing about others’ stories because it gave me hope and new ideas to explore. That is why I want to share with you and hopefully hear back from you. Please comment and share with me your experiences! 🙂

I pray that you will be encouraged and activated in your own journey into intimacy with Jesus Christ. Ascensions are a fun and exciting way to learn more about God, our authority in Christ and our Scroll of Destiny. Have you wanted to know what is the calling on your life? What is God’s higher purpose and plan for you? Doing ascensions can get these questions answered! Ask Father God to show you what to do and find others who are doing group ascensions to help get you started. There a ton of Courts of Heaven Groups on Facebook that you can check out. (Note: ascensions are NOT the same as astral projection and NOT a New Age function.)

When you align with others in a new area of spirituality, it lessens your learning curve and you can be activated faster than doing something on your own. The Courts of Heaven, River of Life and the Throne of God provide accelerated healing and breakthrough to us as believers in Jesus Christ. These are tools freely available to us, so use them and apply them to your life as often as you need. If you need some coaching, reach out to me at 

Enjoy the podcast below!

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